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A Brigand's Tale

A Brigand's Tale is a story filled with adventure, awesome fight scenes and comedy, enjoyable for all ages.

Follow Brigand and his troop as they fight the good fight and save the day the way that only this band of talented creatures can.

From magical weapons, gladiator tournaments and a rather mean Bullfrog. We follow the underdog who wants to be the topdog.

Starting off 5 years ago this comic has gone through the works; published in collections with other inspiring titles and stand alone issues but always shining out as its own exciting story.

Brigand and his axe

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Read the 3 sample pages below of one of Brigand's adventures. To read more you can purchase the print copies of A Brigand's Tale in our shop along with our other fantastic merchandise!

Brigand page 1
Brigand page 2
Brigand page 3