About Bolt Comics

Established in late 2012 Bolt Comics is the dream of a team of brothers (and a sister sidekick). Andrew and Daniel have been passionate about comics since day one. They collected and drew their favourite stories right from childhood. Some of these childhood stories are even used as inspiration for todays publications! This is a passion project which cannot be stopped.

The first title released was 'The Adventurers' by Andrew, Daniel's master work 'A Brigands Tale' soon followed with these two series becoming the pillars for Bolt Comics today. Bolt Comics makes dreams a reality. It is an outlet for our creative team to show the world their stories and immense talent.

We self publish all our books and print with Comic Books On Demand which offer a fantastic service and a great finished package for the illustrations and hard work of the team.

Bolt Comics was built on the dedication of two brothers and their passion for comic books; but it wouldn't have happened without the support of friends and family, and most importantly you, our readers. Thank you for your support. We hope you will continue joining the adventure.

Meet the Team!

It takes a team to make great thing happen.

Andrew Tribe

Co-Founder of Bolt Comics, Andrew is over all aspects of comic making. Illustrator, Author, Letterer, you name it! Andrew runs the shop here keeping Bolt Comics alive and producing some great stories. His main titles are 'The Adventurers', 'The Bolt' and writing and colouring 'Dynah-mite: Ace Detectice'.

Daniel Tribe

Co-Founder of Bolt Comics, Daniel is a force to be reckoned with. He's constantly honing and working on his artistic craft bringing his unique style of illustration and storytelling to us with 'A Brigand's Tale'.

Cara Ord

As a professional graphic designer Cara helped Bolt Comics get off the ground and has dipped her toe into the art of comic making; colouring , lettering, marketing and even illustrating a backup story or two. We hope to see an original Bolt Comics story come out of her in the future ;)


Tom also has been making comics forever, Tom joins us with his story 'Stiller Brook'. Working only in pen and ink Tom's style is a great asset to the team and we are excited to continue bringing you more of his work.


A power house comic artist who is churning out graphic novels like no tomorrow. John has joined us as the artist of our title 'Dynah-mite: Ace Detective' and is bringing his graphic design expereince to the team, making the Bolt Comic books look the best they can be. We are so excited to have him on board and sharing his passion with us.